Track your hours.
So your time counts.
From simple to powerful. Efficient as well as effective. Taking care about your privacy.
For employees, self-employed and private.
Available on the AppStore for iOS on iPhone.

One App for Time Tracking for Everybody.

Use exactly those features you need.
And disable all others.

For Employees

40-hours work week, flexible working hours, but no time clock?
Track your working hours easily and efficiently with My Better Time and prove your overtime.

For Self-employed

You are self-employed and working for several different clients and projects?
Use My Better Time to track your working hours efficiently and with low effort and to invoice them.

And Private, too

You volunteer or have a hobby, and you always wanted to know how much time you are spending for that?
Track your time with My Better Time and figure it out. Quickly and easily.


My Better Time can be as simple or as powerful as you need.


  • Everybody has different needs. Enable exactly those features and displays you need.
  • Projects and tasks enabled/disabled
  • Overtime enabled/disabled
  • Pauses enabled/disabled
  • and more

The Time Clock

  • Start, pause and stop new records
  • Switch fast as lightning projects and tasks
  • At a glance: working hours and overtime for current day, week, etc.

Projects and Tasks

  • Switch fast as lightning projects and tasks
  • Filter projects and tasks
  • You cannot find a project you are looking, since it does not yet exist? Then simply create it! No detours via annoying setting menus.

Overtime calendar

  • Your overtime over the course of days, weeks, months and years
  • Manage vacations, public holidays and sick days
  • Export your (Over-) time sheet as PDF and more

(Over-)Timesheet as PDF

  • Create, send and print your working hours and overtime of a month with details for each single day
  • Also for years and weeks as well as HTML and CSV

Region Reminders

  • Specify where you work
  • My Better Time reminds you to start the time clock when you arrive at work and to stop when you leave work


  • Analyze when you worked for what for how long
  • Group by days, weeks, months and years
  • Group by projects and tasks

Export as PDF, HTML and CSV

  • Export analyses, overtime and raw data
  • Select which attributes to export
  • Specify formatting of date, numbers and more

Individual Icons

  • Customize your projects and tasks with colored icons.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage vacations, public holidays and sick days?

  1. Tap menu "Overtime Calendar".
    → The overtime calendar lists months.

  2. Tap the relevant month.
    → The days of the month are listed.

  3. Tap the relevant day.
    → The details of the day are shown. At the top you see icons for vaction, public holiday and sick day.

  4. Tap the icons for vacation, public holiday and sick day to mark the day accordingly.
    → Changes will be saved automatically.

You got a question?
Contact us via feedback. We will be happy to help you.


Your feedback helps us to make My Better Time even better for you.


We take data protection very seriously

Therefore your data is stored locally on your smartphone or tablet – and not uploaded to a server.
With anonymous statistics you can help us make My Better Time even better for you – or not: We respect your privacy. You can enable and disable the provision of anonymous statistics in the app.

Learn more in our privacy policy of My Better Time App and in our privacy policy of this website.


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